Plastic Lung Function Machine Bite Spirometer Mouthpiece

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CangZhou China
Brand Name: YiKang
Model Number: 26*75
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 8-10work days
Supply Ability: 1million per month
Detail Information
Material: HDPE Freight: Pay At Collect
Color: White Volume: 26*75
Sample: Free Function: Vital Capacity Bite
Disinfect: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Characteristic: Disposable
Category: Medical Supplies Scope Of Application: Pulmonary Function Test Room
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Bite Spirometer Mouthpiece


Plastic Spirometer Mouthpiece


HDPE Spirometer Mouthpiece

Product Description

Disposable HDPE Plastic Lung Function Machine Bite Mouth Spirometer Mouthpiece


Purpose: general packaging


main body diameter 26 (mm)


Height: 75 (mm) cover: no self weight: 7.5(g)


The mouth and mouth of medical disposable vital capacity tester can be customized with various types


Processing customization is plastic variety PP capacity none (ML)


Detailed Product Description

Material: HDPE Color: White
Volume: 26*75 Sample: Free
Freight: Pay At Collect Function: Vital Capacity Bite

The subjects only need to breathe out and inhale for 2-3 times, then exhale slowly until they can't breathe out again, and then inhale slowly and


deeply until they can't breathe in. Then they can resume normal breathing and finish at one time. After the whole test process is completed, it can


be taken out of the nozzle for corresponding treatment (some disposable paper mouth pieces can be directly treated as garbage. For those that


can be reused, disinfection should be done to avoid bacterial infection for the next use.)


According to the different specifications of pulmonary function bite, it can be divided into [1] inner diameter of 25 mm; internal resistance of 0.5


cm; height of 60-70 mm; dead space volume of 50 mm. [2] The internal diameter is 25 mm; the length is 70 mm; [3] the inner diameter is 28 mm;


65 mm; [4] the inner diameter is 20 mm; the length is 65 mm.


The spirometer mouth is made of biocompatible high-quality environment-friendly PP material with transparent primary color, one-time use of


material and no reference material to ensure compliance with FDA and CFDA material standards.


Spirometer mouth medium is electrostatic, ultra-fine, low resistance and high efficiency polypropylene fiber. It may contain Streptococcus


pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other secretions during respiration.


The most important principle of "lung function analysis" is to adhere to the principle of "lung function". Because the paper mouth piece is a kind of


consumables and accessories, the choice of its specification is not determined by our subjective factors, but by the user's access port size of


lung function detector equipment. The size of the specification depends on the size of the equipment port of the pulmonary function detector, but


we can grasp the material of the paper mouth piece of the pulmonary function analyzer in the purchase. It is better to use disposable paper


mouth piece of pulmonary function instrument, which is more safe and hygienic, and can avoid cross infection of bacteria. Name: pulmonary


function paper mouth piece; lung function instrument bite; lung function instrument paper tube; lung function instrument bite; lung function


instrument bite; lung function instrument consumables; bite; bite mouth; paper mouth piece; blow mouth; blow mouth; air blower; paper mouth


piece; disposable paper tube; air blowing tube; air blowing tube; disposable paper tube; air blowing tube; air blowing tube; paper mouth piece;


disposable paper tube; air blowing tube; air blowing tube; paper mouth piece; paper mouth piece; paper mouth piece; paper mouth piece; air


blowing tube; air blowing tube; Blow pipe specification: inner diameter: 25 mm, length: 70 mm; inner diameter: 28 mm, length: 65 mm, inner


diameter: 20 mm, length: 65 mm, etc.; application: wood pulp paper used for pulmonary function test, sterilized by ethylene oxide, with high


technical parameters of cleanliness. Among them, disposable paper mouth used by Japan's Minato pulmonary function instrument Size: 1. Inner


diameter: 25 mm, inner cavity resistance less than 0.5 cm; 2. Height: 60-70 mm; 3. Dead space volume less than 50 ml; scope of application:


Schiller: SP-1 pulmonary function instrument, Japan: st75 pulmonary function instrument / st150 pulmonary function instrument, Italy MITR:LAB II


Lung function instrument, Japan Meineng: as407 lung function instrument, as507 lung function instrument, Japan Jester: hi101 lung function


instrument / hi801 lung function instrument American Piko series pulmonary function instrument domestic pulmonary function instrument fgc-a +


Cisco series disposable paper tube (mouth piece) are widely used in various types of pulmonary function test It provides disposable paper tube


(biting mouth) for pulmonary function test. It is suitable for various types of machines, such as Meineng, Foton, kesimer, jester, YeGe, medi,


KANGXUN, and megafil. It is disinfected before packaging and will not cross infect after use. It can completely change the unsanitary plastic


mouth parts of plastic pipe before use

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